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Sadness in a song

Eurythmics – Here Comes The Rain Again

I want to breathe in the open wind
I want to kiss like lovers do
Want to dive into your ocean
Is it raining with you
#Eurythmics #HereComesTheRainAgain

January 12, 1984 was one of those great days when, independently, two songs came out destined to make history. One of them was “Big in Japan“, Alphaville’s debut single that launched their fabulous career. The other song was released by an already well-known group, Eurythmics. In November 1983, they released their third album “Touch”, and by January they had already launched two singles from this album: “Who’s that girl” and “Right by your side”.

“Here comes the rain again” is one of Eurythmics’ iconic songs. This song sounds a bit like “Sweet dreams (are made of this)” in rhythm, but has a tone of sadness and melancholy. Dave Stewart explained in various interviews how the use of minor chord scales set this general tone of sadness and melancholy to the song, and in one of his books he also added a curious story about the birth of this great success.

Dave and Annie were staying in a hotel in New York, and Dave had just returned to his room. During a walk around the city he had bought a mini keyboard, and back in the room he started to play it with a series of minor and rather sad chords that he had in mind. It was a day with a very cloudy sky, maybe the two also had a discussion, and Annie was at the window, looking up at the sky, and started singing the sentence “Here comes the rain again”.

This phrase was enough for Dave Stewart, to continue working on his chords and to create the rest of the song. Of course it was a success, and it reached the top of the charts both in England and in America, and in so many other countries.

The video is gorgeous: it was shot in the far north of Scotland, precisely in Orkney Islands and is extremely evocative. Annie Lennox walks in this supernatural setting, and we see her in an abandoned house, on the beach and on a cliff, wrapped in a blanket or in a nightgown, with a lantern in her hand. Dave Stewart has a camere and captures her from the distance, and the two are often filmed separately. The two are far away, but they are part of the same scenario. Annie Lennox commented that this video also expressed the submerged and inner world in common between she and Dave, who after living a romantic relationship that lasted years, turned it into a professional relationship, but never denied the feeling of absolute closeness and mutual understanding that was between them.

All this certainly contributed to the success of this beautiful song and to the fame of this iconic group of the 80s.

Eurythmics, Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart on Wikipedia

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