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Revenge for two

Eurythmics – When Tomorrow Comes

The moon is pale outside
And you are far from here.
Breathing shifts your careless head
Untroubled by the chaos of our lives.
#Eurythmics #WhenTomorrowComes

In the first days of June 1986, two well-known faces returned to be seen. We can actually say that they had never disappeared: in those times they were at the peak of success and, in short, they could be heard on radios every day. In particular, it was six months since the release of their latest, beautiful single, which was It’s alright (Baby’s coming back). But now Eurythmics had their new album ready, Revenge, and everything was ready for the release of the first single.

From musical perspective, Revenge continues the experience of Be yourself tonight, with sounds on the border between pop and rock. The electronic atmospheres of the first albums and of songs like Sweet dreams (are made of this) were now echoes of electronic instruments confused in a sound that is closer to commercial pop, with a rock trend. This change of course, however, had a good effect to the previous album, Be Yourself Tonight, which had absolutely multiplied the fame and visibility of Eurythmics.

The release of the album was preceded a few weeks by the release of the launch single, When Tomorrow Comes, as it usually happened. I think it’s a great introduction for the whole album – if you like this song and these sounds, you will probably like the whole album. The video is all in all simple but not trivial. Dave and Annie are filmed in a studio performing this song with the presence of musicians and backing singers. The studio is quite wide and perhaps this feeling of emptiness helps to focus on the protagonists, avoiding wasting attention on other details. Dave and Annie are dressed almost entirely in leather, which in my opinion adds to the rock vibe of the record. Annie shows a beautiful platinum short cut that we already sensed in the animations of It’s alright (Baby’s coming back).

When Tomorrow Comes wasn’t a huge hit in England, it sold much better in other European countries, but that didn’t affect the success of the Revenge album at all. According to some, perhaps musically it was not their best album, but numbers tell us that it was Eurythmics’ album that sold the most of all, and that perhaps marked the top their artistic maturity. In fact, during this period Eurythmics also embarked on a world tour which was probably their greatest live experience.

They started in Portland, Oregon in the middle of that same month of June 1986. After thirty-eight concerts between the United States and Canada, in September they landed in Birmingham, where they began a round of fifty-three European concerts, with six dates at Wembley.

In January 1987 they began seventeen more dates between New Zealand and Australia (with four gigs in Sydney and five in Melbourne), followed by five concerts in Japan and the final date in Jerusalem. In short: within nine months they played almost 120 concerts on four continents, numbers that only very few big names could afford. In short, if they wanted to take revenge on someone, this was certainly the most beautiful Revenge for Eurythmics!

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