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Innocent return

Sandra – Innocent Love

And you should guarantee day by day
Innocent love
(You need my innocent love)
My innocent love tonight
#Sandra #InnocentLove

In June 1986 a song was released that was supposed to pave the way for the confirmation of a resounding success of the previous year. In fact, in the Spring of 1985 the unstoppable success of (I’ll never be) Maria Magdalena had launched Sandra’s fabulous career. After leaving the ladies trio Arabesque, the girl from Saarbrücken had followed the advice of her boyfriend, the producer and musician Michael Cretu, who in turn had had a resounding success in 1985 with Samurai, and had indeed embarked on a solo career.

A few months later, the hits In the Heat of the Night and Little Girl helped pushing Sandra’s first album, simply titled The Long Play. Towards the end of 1985 Sandra began working with her partner on her second album, which would be released in October 1986 under the title Mirrors.

The first song released as a single, the one that, as always, has the arduous task of having success at all costs, was Innocent Love. It was not a bad song, and it also had a good response in some European countries, but it was certainly far from the sensational success of (I’ll never be) Maria Magdalena.

The song talks about Sandra’s desire to meet her true love, a love far from luxury and appearance, with intense trust and sentiment. The song was accompanied by a video that perhaps can be defined as a missed opportunity, because it is quite ordinary and without ideas. Sandra, beautiful as always, is in a somewhat futuristic studio accompanied by some musicians. In a way, all of Sandra’s videos were a bit like that, with her singing in a studio, with some musicians, some special effects, but in short, it could have had more impact.

And we have to think that the directors of the video were not at all naiveor unexperienced: they were the famous DoRo, in the world Rudi Dolezal and Hans Rossbacher, who had directed videos of much broader impact (their names are clearly visible, for example, at the beginning of video of Rock Me Amadeus by Falco). Evidently they felt a little intimidated by Sandra, or in any case they did not want to dare with a video of greater impact.

Innocent Love, as we said, had some success, which continued with the following singles, especially Hi! Hi! Hi!, and allowed Sandra’s discreet and always elegant presence to cross the second half of the 1980s as a protagonist.

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