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Tom Hooker – Looking for love

Russian roulette
Take you over 'til you fall in love
Your silhouette
Hypnotizes people with eyes
Looking for love
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Today we have to talk about a fantastic guy, who musically had less success than he deserved. Yep, if your name is Thomas B. Hooker, and you choose Tom Hooker as your stage name 🙂 and later get your real name completely changed, you deserve respect. But we have to understand this, because “hooker” for a woman is not a very desirable term. Good Tom never had problems with his surname, but when he got married, once the 80s ended, he decided to change his name to avoid his wife being called “Mrs. Hooker”.

Tom Hooker’s name is naturally linked to his biggest hit, released in June 1986, Looking for Love, an engaging song that we all remember and all danced to. Actually good Tom has a lot of other songs to his credit, especially dance, which perhaps have had a little less luck. In any case Tom had a lot of experiences in America and Italy, and in Italy he was one of the pillars of the famous record company Baby Records, together with the musicians and producers Tumiatti and Chieregato. Not only did Tom make success with Looking for Love and other songs, but he also wrote other hits, like Eddy Huntington’s USSR, and most of all sang other people’s songs in incognito. The most striking case was of course the dispute with Den Harrow, which dragged on until the 2010s.

In fact, Dan Harrow was only the frontman of the project, but the voices of his records belonged to other people, and one of these (perhaps the most famous) was Tom Hooker, who lent his voice to Future Brain, to the album version of Mad Desire (while in the single the voice belonged to the legendary Silver Pozzoli) and many others. I don’t like talking about discussions, but there is a video on YouTube in which Tom Hooker and Chieregato explain the reason for the controversy with Dan Harrow, if this interests you.

Looking for Love was a rather simple but compelling song. The lyrics tell of a world of discos and slot machines in which to relentlessly search for love, or perhaps sex, but in reality the text is not so important, because the music and the arrangements absolutely take over. The video is pretty simple, yet engaging, and of course full of beautiful girls. There is also a girl who will soon make a career, the talented Sinitta, very recognizable in her white dress, who over the following years will become a protagonist with hits like Toy Boy and GTO, a true ambassador of the Stock, Aitken and Waterman team.

Years later, today Tom dedicates himself above all to his second great passion, photography, because he is also a respected photographer. To clear any doubts he adopted his mother’s surname; so, if you are at a photo exhibition of Thomas Barbey and he is there with you, please be aware that you have a real myth of the 80s next to you, the great Tom Hooker, the author of Looking for Love!

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