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In love with a song

Robin Gibb – Juliet

Juliet, oh,oh,oh, Juliet
You know you taught me to fly
You take me clear to the sky
And all the people around the world can stand aside
#RobinGibb #Juliet

In May 1983 a very beautiful song came out, by an interpreter who had a particular history, and was so much loved by his fans. It is not easy to have your own visibility when you are part of a group from your birth, your story is necessarily linked to the history of the group.

And this is what happened to Robin Gibb, an important part of the famous Gibb brothers, or the Bee Gees (the initials of Brothers Gibb). The famous trio was made up of the older brother Barry, the one with hair the lion mane, and the twins Robin and Maurice, who even had more misfortune with hair.

Originally from the Isle of Man, they later moved to Manchester and then to Australia, to return back to England once they found their first success.

And in the period between the seventies and eighties, Bee Gees had become a true international brand, thanks also to their falsetto voices, determinant for their great hits as Massachusetts, Staying Alive, You should be dancing, Saturday Night Fever, Tragedy.

The 80s brought solo projects for all the Bee Gees, and for Robin as well. Actually when he had to work on his album How old are you? he used his family skills anyway, because he was greatly helped by his twin Maurice for bass, keyboards and synthesizers.

Juliet was the first single, and it was an incredible success that reached first place in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, and was at the top almost all over Europe. The video didn’t have a big rotation to be honest, but it’s not a bad video. Robin finds himself in a castle and sees a beautiful woman pass by in a horse-drawn carriage.

In the following scenes we find him working at the typewriter, and images alternate with the story he is writing, where the castle is attacked and the woman is kidnapped by the soldiers. Eventually, however, Robin kills a soldier in a duel and frees the princess.

But in the final scene, there is a disturbing detail: a noticeable red spot on the back of the princess’s dress, which obviously makes us wonder if it was just imagination or if it was all true. A bit like the bright eyes of Total Eclipse of the Heart, or the zombie hand in Somebody’s watching me.

Good Robin Gibb passed away in May 2012, and today Barry, the eldest, is the last survivor of Bee Gees. It was rumored that Robin Gibb didn’t particularly like this song in the early days, but many agree that when he realized that Juliet was so much beloved by fans, well, he fell in love with the song too. There are many videos of Robin’s concerts where you see that when this song ends, closing the concert, the audience goes on singing for minutes, often forcing the good Robin to several encores.

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