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A story to tell

Madonna – Live To Tell

Will it grow cold
The secret that I hide, will I grow old
How will they hear
When will they learn
How will they know
#Madonna #LiveToTell

At the end of March 1986, the pop world received anothe big shake. Yes, because Madonna was releasing her new song, and after the success of the album “Like a virgin”, such as “Like a virgin”, “Material girl”, “Into the groove”, she was setting the stage for the release of “True Blue” at the beginning of summer. And the world sees a new Madonna, completely different.

The glamorous and sophisticated girl of the previous videos now wears only a very light makeup, a lady’s dress, and above all she sings a slow, beautiful song, important in music and lyrics. She gets inspiration by Marilyn Monroe, of course, and also by the look she showed in the film “Shanghai Surprise”. More mature, more adult, deeper. Absolutely beautiful.

“Live to tell” tells of difficult family relationships, stories that drag on from childhood, questions destined to remain unanswered, deep anxieties. We need to say that Madonna never defined the song as autobiographical: she left this possibility open, but she also broadened the scope of the song. She started from a written melody and then she composed the text, so it’s realistic to imagine that there is an influence of her past and her family history, but there is also the creativity of a great artist, so I think it is correct to leave the question of the pending autobiography unanswered.

The video contains some scenes from the movie “At Close Range” with Sean Penn, and in fact the melody of the song was born precisely for the soundtrack of the film. Then, the incredible presence of Madonna fills the scene of this beautiful song, which immediately reached the top of the charts in many countries and introduced to the world of pop the new look of the queen.

Thanks also to this song, the album “True Blue” really made history: best-selling album of 1986, all time best-selling album by a female artist… still today it’s the best selling foreign album ever in Italy.
The market was different and there were no digital downloads, sure, but this was really history.

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