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Sooner or later

Johnny Hates Jazz – Shattered dreams

I thought it was you who said they'd die for love
And now you've given me, given me
Nothing but shattered dreams, shattered dreams
Feel like I could run away run away
#JohnnyHatesJazz #ShatteredDreams

Shattered dreams seems a song out of time. It seemed quite common in the 80s that singers or bands got less success than they actually deserved simply because they arrived too early, and their music was in advance versus common feeling. I think of Marc Almond and Soft Cell with Tainted love, Captain Sensible with Wot, or even Sigue Sigue Sputnik and Love Missile F1-11: had they arrived 4 or 5 years later, they would have easily doubled the success of M.A.R.R.S. with Pump up the volume and the rising of house music, but they were too early.

Actually there was also someone who arrived late. Like Johnny Hates Jazz, so cool and peculiar to be honest, they actually reached no 1 in England, but had they arrived 4 or 5 years earlier, I am sure that they would have had a completely different success and career, but they presented their early eighties sounds like the Kershaws, the Human Leagues, the Hall and Oates, when it was late, and Stock Aitken and Waterman were starting to plant nails in the coffin of our beloved 80s.

Shattered dreams was Johnny Hates Jazz’s first single, from their first album, and it was an immediate success. But overall, I definitely think that Johnny Hates Jazz were so cool and deserved much much more success! A couple of funny things about their name: there was no real Johnny in the group (just like no Frankie in Frankie Goes To Hollywood), but the name probably refers to a common friend who really hated jazz. But, the turnaround of their lives, when they were noticed by the majors, actually happened in a jazz club!

Finally, Shattered dreams came out on March 23, 1987, on the very same day as Living in a box.

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