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King – Love & Pride

In you I find a reason and hope for all dreamers
You are my fill
You're my supply of love and pride.
That's what my heart yearns for now love and pride
#King #LoveAndPride

A new guy was coming out at the end of May 1984. He climbed the British charts first, and then he became famous across all Europe, and he was really a king of creativity. King is the right term because that was also his last name. Paul King was really an innovator: innovative haircut, the legendary Dr. Martens boots recolored with spray paint, elegant clothes, empathy to sell and a very strong hit.

After several experiences in groups that he had founded, quite alternative in names and music, the good King finds the right combination. He doesn’t even have to find a new name for the group, he uses his last name and that’s fine. And in a few weeks it’s at the top in half of Europe!

And I have to say that this song is still so much appreciated! He began his best period, which lasted a couple of years, until the he repeated the success with his second album. Then he will sort of slowly fade out, attempting a solo career that will give him less satisfaction.

But King is not the type of guy who gives up, and in a short time he reinvents himself as a television personality, becoming one of England’s most famous presenters and veejays, beloved by different generations throughout the 80s and 90s. And he is still today a character of MTV Networks!

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