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Dead Or Alive – Lover Come Back To Me

Baby, we could have a real good time, yeah
Tell you, I could make you mine, all mine, yeah
Baby, you got lots of energy, yeah
Baby, give that energy to me, yeah
#DeadOrAlive #LoverComeBackToMe

In the final part of April 1985 one of the most original and symbolic groups of the 80s, Dead or Alive, led by the multifaceted talent of Pete Burns, released their second hit. It can truly be said that Dead or Alive were one of the best outcomes of the heyday of the 80s, the months between the recording of Do They Know It’s Christmas and Live Aid. Just as that period began, in November 1984, their first single, You Spin Me Round (Like a Record), had been incredibly successful.

You may think that it was just a good lucky song, but in reality it was enough to watch that fabulous video to immediately understand that it was not just luck. And in fact a confirmation came as we said from the big success that Lover Come Back to Me obtained.

Dead or Alive was Pete Burns’ creation; at the turn of the 70s and 80s he created a couple of groups, The Mystery Girls and Nightmares in Wax, which had a short life, not so much for poor quality, but for continuous movements and changes of mind within the groups.

From these experiences, and maintaining many members of the original groups, Dead or Alive were born, and after a few changes of record company they managed to release an album in 1984 that had a discreet but not memorable success. The album was called Sophisticated Boom Boom and the main song was a cover of a very famous song by KC and the Sunshine Band, That’s the Way (I Like it), yes, the song full of “aha-aha”.

In 1984, however, Dead or Alive met three young producers who would change the history of music: Stock, Aitken and Waterman. And we can truly say that the incredible career of the three producers began with Dead or Alive! There is a point to clarify: Stock, Aitken and Waterman are often accused (by me too) of composing many absolutely similar songs, both for the drum patterns and for the electronic sounds.

Still, I don’t think anyone can say that Dead or Alive’s songs were the same as those that would later be made by Kylie Minogue, Rick Astley, or many others. The reason is simple: in this case Stock, Aitken and Waterman were only the producers (and also in their first experiences), but the songs had been written by Dead or Alive (we could almost say by Pete Burns), who was quite intransigent on modifications or adaptations, even if he certainly appreciated that electronics brought added value.

In short, the encounter between the brilliant talent of Pete Burns and the technology of the three producers led to a qualitative leap in music and therefore in the career of Dead or Alive. Their second album, the very famous Youthquake, released in May 1985, was a smashing success, and this helped Lover Come Back to Me to reach very high positions in the charts throughout Europe, although it was certainly impossible to beat the success of You Spin Me Round.

The theme of the song is absolutely contained in the title: Pete Burns anxiously waits for his loved one to return to him after a moment of separation. The video takes Pete inside an environment that could be a large room, with a large screen where you can see… Pete again, and this game of alternations is a sort of backbone of the whole video, which is definitely pleasant and lively.

In short, Lover Come Back to Me was the song that confirmed Pete Burns’ talent after the huge success of You Spin Me Round. After this song, we realized we were dealing with a genius of transformation and performance. And in fact Pete continued to amaze especially in England, where he became a reality show superstar, until he left this world in 2016.

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