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A fantastic sensation

INXS – New Sensation

Dream baby dream
Of all that's come and going
And you will find out in the end
There really is, there really is no difference
#INXS #NewSensation

It’s obviously about one of the best hits by INXS, New Sensation. Please remember to always write INXS in capital letters :). This hit was released as a single on Mar 31, 1988, and was the third single from the album Kick after Need you tonight and Devil inside, released in the previous months. Before the release of Kick, INXS were superpopular mainly in their native Australia, but the first two singles from this album were so successful that they really opened the doors to all other hits from the group and to their fantastic career, which made them absolute stars in the following year’s MTW Awards show.

The video is also fantastic, in my humble opinion, with Michael Hutchence wearing a suit and tie, and a ponytail for hairstyle. We also see some “science fiction” effects which actually were quite funny also in 1988, but it seems that INXS were absolutely proud of them. The video, don’t ask me why, was filmed on the roof of the Municipal Palace in Prague, still the charming capital of Czechoslovakia.

Yet this song carries an irresistible beat, you simply can’t stay still with it. And this song also starts with a verse that will become history for INXS. In fact, “Live, baby, live!” three years later will become the title of their first live album. This song also stops in a quite abrupt way. Do you remember why? It was the second song in the album, and when this song was over, immediately, without interruption, started the following song, Devil Inside!!! That’s fantastic!

With this rhythm and obviously with this title, this song became one of the favorites for great international tv ads.

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