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Mel and Kim – Respectable

It's our occupation, we're a dancing nation
We keep the pressure on every night
Explanations are complications
We don't need to know the where or why
#Respectable #MelAndKim

Respectable is the right title for two artists that really deserve respect. Don’t call them “meteors”. It happened frequently, in the 80s: a song, a success. Months later, another song, an even bigger success. An album.

Then success decreases, and life follows other ways. But we often discover that there was talent, and the meteors actually were bright stars. And we know that the star of Mel and Kim disappeared too soon for the saddest reasons, but I’m sure it was one of the brightest stars.

Respectable was the most successful song in the fast career of the two British sisters, models and then singers after meeting Pete Waterman, from the producers trio Stock Aitken and Waterman, who saw in the native style of the two girls and in the energy that they spread the right components for a successful hit.

And in fact Respectable was the first song written by Stock, Aitken and Waterman to reach the top of the charts! Previously they had been mainly producers, and since 1984 they had reached the first position producing for example You spin me round for Dead or Alive, but they had written the song.

The signature of the three producers can also be seen in the initial sample that repeats take-take-take… it seems that Mel and Kim did not like this addition at first, but after playing it in a nightclub where the audience went crazy, the two sisters insisted for the sample to be included in the final version of the song.

And so, about six months after their debut with Showing out (Get fresh at the weekend) which reached third place, in February 1987 Melanie and Kim Appleby, Mel and Kim for everybody, reached the top of the British hit parade, even before launching their album F.L.M. (which will be released in April).

Mel and Kim remain among the most beloved and iconic characters of the second half of the 80s; their young age and their very stylish, graceful and absolutely innovative image have made them reach the heart of us dinosaurs. Unfortunately, their dream was broken in 1990 with the death of poor Melanie, just a few days after the end of the 80s.

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