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Not a Christmas song

Fine Young Cannibals – She drives me crazy

Everything you say is lies
But to me that's no surprise
What I had for you was true
Things go wrong, they always do
#FineYoungCannibals #SheDrivesMeCrazy

Actually, “She drives me crazy” reaches the market on Boxing Day, 1988! In few days this song brought Fine Young Cannibals again in the charts and most of all, in people’s hearts. Three years had passed since the enormous success of their first album called of course “Fine Young Cannibals”. That album included the super hit “Johnny come home“, which made the look and the voice of the great Roland Gift famous in the whole world.

During these years the three guys had actually done dofferent things. They appeared in movies and Roland himself took part in another movie. The other members released a house music track under a different cover name.

Anyway, already since 1986 they started to work at this new album, called “The raw and the cooked”. Many tracks aired on radios well before the album release. It is interesting that, even if Fine Young Cannibals are British, they never reached the number one in the singles charts in the UK, but they succeeded with this album.

So, at the end of 1988 they release this cool song, definitely their most famous hit after “Johnny come home”. Just like many other 80’s songs, “She drives me crazy” was previously recorded in a slightly different version, without finding great interest. Moreover, Roland Gift sang with his real voice. Now, he was singing with his famous falsetto voice and in a better version, and everybody agreed that now the hit was ready to be a great success.

Fine Young Cannibals chose this song, with others, for the soundtrack of the movie “Tin men”, and it was also included in other movies later, like “The other sister”, “Hitch”, and others.

The video is quite peculiar, serious but also funny, with a style that is not completely new. In fact the director was Philippe Decouflé, who directed also New Order’s “True faith”. And there are many things in common: the usage of blue backgrounds, unbelievable costumes, weird choreographies. Indeed a pleasant videoclip, anyway. And the karate player with the TV on his head is really a must for every video!!! 🙂

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