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A smash hit

Depeche Mode – Stripped

“Stripped” marked a real turnaround in Depeche Mode’s career. 30 years ago, March 1986, Depeche Mode released Black Celebration, their fifth album. One and a half year had passed since their last studio album. During this period, fans had enjoyed their many compilations. In Europe, for example, we had the famous “The Singles 81-85”. With the previous album Depeche brought us to extremely high levels.

In 1986 they were at the top of success, after hits like “People are people”, “Master and servant”, “Blasphemous rumours” or “Somebody”. and “Black Celebration” did not miss the expectations. A very black album from the beginning, literally noir in the artistic meaning of the word. Ok, Depeche never meant to be a happy joyful band, but the trun towards the noir was now very clear. Sounds, video, images, lyrics, everything qaus quite dark, quite “noir”.

But this does not mean that it was bad! Depeche were flying to a new ste in their fantastic career. “Balck Celebration” featured a lot of great songs, and this was the first single published out of it – fantastic! And this hit was really a smash – especially for the cars in the video!

Let me hear you
Make decisions
Without your television
Let me hear you speaking just for me
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