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The curse of the eponymous

À Caus’ des Garçons – À Caus’ des Garçons

À cause des garçons
On met des bas nylon
On se crêpe le chignon
À cause des garçons

In the 80s we had fewer rules, everything was somehow possible, let’s say. Indeed, if it was a question of giving a title to a song or even better choosing a name for a new group, the weirder, the better. Anything was really allowed, as long as it sounded good. Except for…

There was only one thing that could not be done. Of course it was OK to make an album with the same name as the group, and, a lot of artists had done it, including Duran Duran or Toto, who had even made a lot of “Toto” albums followed by a number like Toto IV, Toto XX and others. But it was absolutely not allowed, because it meant crazy bad luck, to give to a single song the same name of the group.

It was like saying you didn’t have a real identity: the group actually consisted of that song, and probably would have gone down with the song itself, even if very successful. And it was always like this! It had happened to Livin’ in a box, who obviously only sang Livin’ in a box, and it also happened to the female duo À Caus’ des Garçons, who in fact saw their career practically start and end with the song of the same name, even if they did certainly other songs but definitely less successful.

And this was the curse of eponymous: if the group was called as the title of the song, fame would be short-lived. Which doesn’t mean that they couldn’t leave a mark in the 80s and even beyond, if it is true that after decades we still remember these two ladies, brunette Laurence Heller and blonde Hélène Bérard, and this surely enthralling song , completed with a male choir – and the singers were all well-known television and music personalities in France and Belgium.

Laurence and Hélène had a mutual friend, the French singer and actor Alain Chamfort. In fact, they were Chamfort’s stylist and make-up artist, and they asked him to write a song for them, just after forming this new group. Chamfort collaborated with producer Philippe Draï and above all with Pierre Grillet, also author of C’est la Ouate by Caroline Loeb. And from this collaboration comes this certainly funny song, supported by a witty video where the two girls, tired of housework, go for a casting where they obviously come out with a career as singers. And the middle juror, the one in the jacket, is their friend Chamfort.

The song entered the hit parades in the first days of February 1988 and reached very high places in France, Belgium, and also in Italy. This collaboration between friends was therefore bound to give results, as Laurence later had a daughter with producer Philippe Draï. Today laurence deals with fashion and writes for specialized magazines such as Elle.

In short, the song was successful, the video was nice, the collaboration worked, and after all this song has been covered more than once over the following years, but the two girls had exposed themselves to the curse of eponymous, and therefore the story of À Caus’ des Garçons was definitely destined to end quickly, because the curse of eponymous did not forgive anyone !!!

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