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Hot Summer’s song

Bananarama – Cruel Summer

Summer begins around June 21, maybe some hours earlier or later, but not in 1983. In 1983 Summer officially began on June 27, with the release of a song that in a few days would become an anthem in England and throughout Europe.

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Everybody’s waiting

Bananarama – Robert De Niro’s Waiting

More than six months had passed since the release of “Cruel summer“, the single that launched the shining star of Bananarama into the universe of the 80s. In these months, as well as enjoying their huge success and appearing everywhere,

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Pop wedding

Bananarama – Love in the first degree

“Love in the first degree” seemed perfect to become the soundtrack for a wedding. It sounded like the wedding of the decade, had it happened three or four years earlier. Dave Stewart, technical brain of Eurythmics, married Siobhàn Fahey, Bananarama’s brunette. She still looks so shy and quiet,

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The rumours of summer

Bananarama – I heard a rumour

“I heard a rumour” is really a song for summer. Actually Bananarama had to be somehow grateful to summer, given their first major hit. And in summer 1987 they were back with their happiness. They had a good video, but the song was probably too influenced by the producers,

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Bananarama were definitely one of the symbols of the 80s, and after all they had all the requirements to be: talented, beautiful, crazy, happy, and with a great sounding name. Here they were in a performance of their first major hit…

And here they are, Sara and Keren,

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