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Bananarama – Robert De Niro’s Waiting

More than six months had passed since the release of “Cruel summer“, the single that launched the shining star of Bananarama into the universe of the 80s. In these months, as well as enjoying their huge success and appearing everywhere, Sara, Keren and Siobhan worked at the album that was about to come out and that would carry the group’s name.

In February 1984, two months before the album’s release, they released this beautiful but curious song. “Robert De Niro’s waiting” probably did not have the same astonishing success as the previous one, but it remains one of Bananarama’s most beloved songs and in the UK it reached the top of the sales charts.

The title is already a bit strange; the authors, who were also the producers, put the words on the Italian language to give an extra feeling of exotic, although Bananarama apparently did not particularly like this sentence. It seems that the song should be called “Al Pacino’s waiting”, but then something changed, I do not know if it it was for a problem of syllables.

The song is a bit mysterious, and so is the video, with Bananarama running through dark alleys chased by the 1930s-style Italian gangster stereotype. And in the end it turns out that the gangster is looking for them to deliver their pizzas, I would say a nice collection of stereotypes about Italy, but all in all the idea is also nice.

And anyway in the 80s no one in Italy delivered pizzas home, at most you could go and pick it up and come home to eat it almost cold.

In any case, in addition to all the fans, it seems that Robert De Niro was also really waiting, if it’s true that after the success of this song he asked and got to meet and get to know the Bananarama!

People are starin' and followin' me
This is my only escape from it all
Watchin' a film or a face on the wall
Robert De Niro's waiting talking Italian
#Bananarama #RobertDeNirosWaiting

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