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The Church – Under The Milky Way

And it's something quite peculiar
Something that's shimmering and white
Leads you here, despite your destination
Under the Milky Way tonight
#TheChurch #UnderTheMilkyWay

A masterpiece of introspective research expertly wrapped in melancholy music, this phenomenal hit was released in February 1988 by an Australian band: The Church, who completed with the album Starfish their ultimate evolution from an indie rock with psychedelic veins to a dream pop where music and vocals merge into a mixture of refined sensuality.

The title of the song, Under the Milky Way, is in itself evocative of great dreams brighted by the light of the stars and trips where stars are your companions.

In fact, there is immediately an intimate first surprise here, since (in accordance with a press release launched together with the album) the title seems to be a tribute by Steve Kilbery, singer and leader of the band, to a venue and important cultural center in Amsterdam where he used to go with his then girlfriend: the Melkweg, the “Milky Way” in Dutch.

Kilbery wrote the lyrics with his girlfriend, and he calmly tells how he had just had some weed and started playing the piano, when Karin entered the room and so they composed Under the Milky Way. He also added that the song has no particular meaning, just aimed at creating an atmosphere, in perfect dream-pop style.

Like the birth, the acceptance of the piece is also particular, since the singer takes the song to the rest of the band only at the end of the recording sessions of the album, causing a great deal of anger and an initial refusal by the other members to include the hit in the album; finally the manager guessed the great potential of the song, and succeeded to win the great resistance of the group.

The Church always had a love-hate relationship with this piece, so much so that they decided not to play it in concerts in the early 2000s, to avoid suffering the shadow of its great success.

The video clip reveals the psychedelic soul of the group, culminating with an eye in an egg yolk. Memphis is mentioned in the text, but most likely the reference is not to the American city but to ancient Memphis, Egypt, being Kilbery a great history enthusiast.

The astonishing solo in the middle of the song awakens from a certain hypnotic trance: at first listen it seems made with bagpipes, while it is the masterful work of a guitar played with the e-bow, a particular electronic device that allows you to associate new sounds to the instrument, born in 1969 just like many of us Dinosaurs.

The song has been revived in many episodes of TV serials and in the soundtracks of two rather conceptual thriller movies: Donnie Darko and Out of Blue.

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