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We always needed heroes!

Tina Turner – We Don’t Need Another Hero (Thunderdome)

And I wonder when we are ever gonna change
Living under the fear till nothing else remains
All the children say
We don't need another hero
#TinaTurner #WeDontNeedAnotherHero

What sort of fantastic days did we live in July 1985? Really, just a few days before Live Aid, one didn’t even have time to realize the fantastic music that was out there, and the next day this fantastic and legendary woman comes out to the cinema, wearing some kind of armor, a whole day at the hairdresser’s, and let’s go, beyond the thunderdome!

When she was invited for the third episode of the Mad Max series, Tina Turner had begun her new life. After a decade of oblivion following the end of her life with her former husband Ike, Nutbush’s tiger had returned to the music scene in late 1984. The English music industry had trusted her incredible talent and unimaginable energy, despite being forty-four years old, an unthinkable age for a singer at that time. But Tina was at the height of her artistic vitality and, let me say, at the top of her truly eternal sensuality. Her Private Dancer album was a success, which opened the doors to this acting experience for her.

In a post apocalyptic scenario, Tina plays the role of Aunty Entity. Aunty is the absolute queen of a city that she founded some time before, which is now a center of corruption. She is not among the protagonists of the film, but she is certainly among the icons and symbols of the film: covered in a sort of armour dress, with an excessive hairstyle even for the 80s standards, in stilettos, with the standing of a queen and a truly unbelievable sensuality and physicality.

To tell the truth Tina didn’t like the character of Aunty at this stage, she would have preferred to play her in the moment of the construction of the city, when she was still a positive heroine, but that was not the story of the film. Critics have not yet decided, after more than thirty years, whether Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome is the best or worst episode of the series; it is certainly a film that has remained in the collective imagination. There is much more agreement instead in considering We don’t need another hero as a great song.

Tina had relied on the same authors who had composed for her What’s love got to do with it, Terry Britten and Graham Lyle. The song is certainly enriched by the evocative children’s chorus in the refrain. The kids were a real choir from a London music school, but they never met Tina Turner, because the voices were recorded in separate moments and then mixed together. Among the children of the choir, one will become an English rugby champion.

We don’t need another hero is of course a one of a kind moment in Tina Turner’s incredible career, but the image of her with her smoky hair and her armour dress has truly crossed the barriers of time … and of thunder!

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