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Another Life to dance

Kano – Another Life

And a hundred times I called but you were not there
You were far from me
Another life, another lover
Where in the world do lonely dreams ever go?
#Kano #AnotherLife

The golden season of ItaloDisco brought a series of Italian productions to fame in much of continental Europe. In Italy, the measure of the success of a song in those times was given by two things: obviously the popularity it received in discos and then on the radio, but also by the fact that a song was included in the soundtracks of the films that characterized many Italian movies of those years. It was a disengaged cinema talking about holidays and funny love stories, but if an ItaloDisco song was successful, it was certainly included in at least one of those soundtracks.

And of course it also happened to Kano, who was, as often happens, the name of a project rather than of a specific artist. In fact, really Kano had another life to be successful! The production of Kano, disco music with an advanced use of synthesizers, started in 1979. The creators were Stefano Pulga, Matteo Bonsanto, and Luciano Ninzatti, famous Italian producers.

The first singles, including the famous It’s a war, featured a dancer often sheathed in a gold jumpsuit. He was called Serge Kano, but of course it was (at least the surname) evidently a stage name. Serge (let’s call him this way) appeared on music broadcasts dancing a series of breakdance-style moves. I would say that he was more of a dancer than a singer, and after all in the first songs his voice was like the other sounds, it certainly wasn’t the most important part of the hit.

From 1981, that is from the second album of Kano, the project took on a different aspect, with the arrival of a frontman who could also really sing in the TV broadcasts and in some concerts. The great Glen White arrived, a Caribbean with a warm voice perfect also for disco rhythms, certainly more gifted for singing than for dancing, in practice the opposite of the first Kano, the good Serge (assuming this was his name). And of course, Glen White became “Kano” too.

Glen brought the Kano project to the peak of popularity, when in the first days of July 1983 the beautiful Another Life entered the Italian charts, destined to remain there for months, and from there to move into the top ten in half of Europe. And of course, in several movies and soundtracks!

Of course, Another Life also didn’t have a real video: ItaloDisco was an absolutely musical phenomenon, but not a television one. If and when a song was successful, then, they tried to put together a video without too many expectations, perhaps for the exclusive use and consumption of DeeJay Television. Just like it happened for Raf’s Self Control, Sandy Marton’s People from Ibiza, Martinelli’s Cinderella, or later Sabrina’s Boys. Obviously nothing to do with international productions that often were born based on videos, and often the video was much more beautiful than the song.

In any case, probably not everyone remembers Kano’s name or Glen White’s name today, but I’m sure that after so many years, no dinosaur can hear the first notes of Another Life and stand still without dancing!

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