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When the heart is cold

Eurythmics – You have placed a chill in my heart

It took few weeks to “You have placed a chill in my heart” to reach the top places of the charts. It happened in June 1988. Eurythmics launched the third single from the album “Savage” in this very long and hot summer. This song became a masterpiece. Of all the songs of the album, this reached the highest positions in the charts.

The video had a great success too, and it was not a simple video! It clearly continued the trilogy of videos directed by Sophie Muller. After “(I love to listen to) Beethoven” and “I need a man“, this story found another chapter. The dramatic story of this woman started in her dry and empty domestic routine, and she escaped at the end of the first video. Then she reached a club where che could sing and express her desperation with rage.

Finally, here she cuts off with the past, she changes her look (becoming the classic Annie Lennox icon), and escapes from a sotry which left her dry and empty. In other words, a complete masterpiece! A real, real masterpiece!

I'll be the figure of your disgrace
A criss cross pattern upon your face
A woman's just too tired to think
About the dirty old dishes in the kitchen sink.
#Eurythmics #YouHavePlacedAChillInMyHeart

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