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Against all odds…

Phil Collins – Against all odds

Will “Against all odds” become an evergreen of the 80s? Come on, it was so clear already in Spring 1984, that this song was going to live forever. When Phil Collins wrote this song, he was at the top of his career. But this song, even this song, hides a deep sad story. Phil wrote it for the soundtrack of the movie “Against all odds” with Jeff Bridges. Yet it seems that he took inspiration by another song he wrote in 1981 for his album “Face value”. The title was “How can you just sit there”. The song told about the breakup between Phil and his wife. Now everything becomes clear. Those lyrics, with Phil begging to take a look at him now, and asking to come back, which is of course.. against all odds.

This is one of the main topics in Phil’s career of the early 80s, together with the topic of rage. We find rage, for example, very clear in “Mama” or “In the air tonight”. I think these feelings last until the days of “No jacket required”, when things seem to be more normal, though the album contains other great love songs like “One more night”.

After all, Phil himself explained after years that the breakup transformed him from being a musician to being a lyricist: his feelings are clear in every single line of his lyrics!!

This is Phil Collins: an unbelievable artist, a great singer, an unreachable drummer whose touch is clear in a lot of songs (for example, in Frida’s “I know there’s something going on“). A wonderful, immense poet and lyricist.

We've shared the laughter and the pain
And even shared the tears
You're the only one who really knew me at all
#PhilCollins #AgainstAllOdds

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