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Clothes don’t make the man

Phil Collins – One More Night

I've been sitting here so long
Wasting time, just staring at the phone
And I was wondering should I call you
Then I thought maybe you're not alone
Please give me one more night
#PhilCollins #OneMoreNight

Today I’ll tell you a true story, of course a story of the 80s. One evening Robert Plant (from Led Zeppelin) and an English friend go to dinner at a famous restaurant in Chicago that doesn’t need further publicity. Plant is well dressed, but the guy at the door argues about his friend and doesn’t let him in. The dress code of the restaurant says that you only enter with a jacket, and indeed Plant’s was wearing a jacket, but the guy didn’t want to let him in. So Plant’s friend gets angry and says “But why? I also have a jacket …” and the door guy says “Yes but your jacket is not proper” and finally, they have dinner in another place.

Some time later, Robert Plant’s English friend releases his third, fantastic album, and dedicates the title to this story, telling it in all the interviews that followed, explicitly mentioning the restaurant. And from then on he became the world champion of the jacket and tennis-shoe style (as sneakers were called in the 80s). That album was called No Jacket Required, and we are of course talking about the great Phil Collins.

No Jacket Required came out at the end of January 1985, but was preceded as always by a single that had to drive sales. Different songs were chosen for England and the United States where, on November 30, 1984, the beautiful One More Night was released.

The Americans probably thought that Phil Collins must be an inexhaustible mine of songs, because only ten days before he had launched the result of his collaboration with Philip Bailey, the beautiful Easy Lover.

The song tells the story of a man who begs her beloved in order to get one more night to prove his love. The lyrics are pretty simple, but the music is irresistible. The video is also very simple, but very suggestive: Phil plays the song on the piano in an empty pub, filmed in a melancholy sepia tone. It was not a random pub: the owner was Richard Branson, owner of the entire Virgin galaxy, and in the same pub Phil Collins also set another famous video, Sussudio, taken from the same album. They look like two different places because the video of Sussudio was shot with the pub full of people and with bright colors, but it was the same pub.

And indeed, Sussudio was the song chosen to pull No Jacket Required in Europe, so we can say that One More Night and Sussudio came out almost together, but in reverse order on the two continents.

One More Night was a smash hit, and it was one of the few songs to reach the top ten both in England and in the United States, where it even reached first place, as had already happened to Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now). The song stayed at first position in America for a few weeks before leaving the place to We Are The World.

Probably One More Night is a great title to climb the charts, because in 2012 Maroon 5 will also reach the top with a song called One More Night! And perhaps even the unfortunate story of the restaurant contributed all in all to give the right title to a truly exceptional album! But of course, with songs like these, the success of the album No Jacket Required was assured!

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