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A dangerous song

Roxette – Dangerous

Roxette were at the top of their success in May 1989. Their second album, “Look sharp!” literally climbed every chart, and highlighted them as the last new group of the 80s, or maybe the first emerging group of the 90s. Since Summer 1988 their hits “Dressed for success”, “Listen to your heart“, “Chances“, “The Look” really found unbelievable popularity; their songs were on every radio, and their videos on every pop show.

That’s why, before starting their biggest tour, they release this song. It will be the last single from their masterpiece album. Actually, when they release the song, they don’t even have a video for it! No problem, as I told they were about to start their tour, so they will film one of the concert dates. The video we see in this page was filment in July 1989 during their concert in the ruins of a Swedish castle, Borgholm. It was quite common to film videos in the nearby of iconic monuments or buildings!

It’s a beautiful song, and there is no big story behind. Per, Roxette’s male singer, wrote it two years before, just before their first tour. It’s about a dangerous girl, ok. But he was not thinking of anyone in particular, and absolutely not of Marie, who was not so convinced from the song. In an interview he once said that he offered the song also to Don Johnson, in 1987, but it seems he was not so convinced as well!

After all, destiny decided that only Roxette had to sing this song!

You know she's a little bit dangerous
She's armed, she's extremely dangerous
She's got what it takes to make ends meet
The eyes of a lover that hit like heat
#Roxette #Dangerous

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