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The most sensual song

Mike Oldfield (feat. Maggie Reilly) – Foreign Affair

Drifting and free
On a mystical sea
A wishful emotion
A drop in the ocean
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If you ask me what is the most sensual song of the 80s, I have no doubts. Of course, there have been so many very sensual songs that created incomparable atmospheres, and in my 80s I had of course my very personal tape with a compilation of romantic songs, and I had made a cover for this tape and given a title, “Love nights” – clearly I already had marketing in my DNA.

And when I put this tape on my romantic occasions, that is, almost never, there was so much great music, like The Chauffeur by Duran Duran, Purple Rain by Prince, The power of love by Frankie Goes to Hollywood, and many others.

One song, however, expressed the sensuality of the 80s in an incredible and irresistible way. I realize that of course the topic is completely personal, but as far as I’m concerned, I have no doubts. Besides, it’s a song that… never came out, as a single I mean, and therefore doesn’t have an official video. Since the album that contained it was released, however, this song immediately became one of the most loved songs of this author.

We are at the end of May 1983; a few weeks earlier (on May 6, to be precise) a fantastic song came out that would have left an indelible mark on the 80s and on the career of its author, Mike Oldfield, who after years of electronics and pioneering (for example with bells in his album Tubular Bells) approached the world of pop with this masterpiece called Crises. Sure, in his own way of pop.

That day the world also began to know the fabulous voice of Maggie Reilly, the perfect voice singing Moonlight Shadow. But the collaboration between Mike and Maggie was destined to last, and when the album was released on May 27, people also discovered the sexiest song of the 80s: Foreign Affair.

In addition to being sensual, the song is also hypnotic, because in fact it has very few variations on a basis repeated many times, but Maggie’s very sensual voice really wraps us in a very warm and endless embrace, a sort of magic spell.

The song is almost dreamlike, and tells fragments of intimate stories in a foreign land, between seas and lagoons, islands and beaches, cool twilight and tropical nights. The song as we said did not have a real video, but fortunately there are the recordings of Mike Oldfield’s live with the talented Maggie.

And after so many years, I still haven’t found a more sensual song than this intimate tropical dream.

Mike Oldfield and Maggie Reilly on Wikipedia

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