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An angel for the king

Eurythmics – There Must Be An Angel (Playing With My Heart)

This must be a strange deception
By celestial intervention
Leaving me the recollection
Of your heavenly connection
#Eurythmics #ThereMustBeAnAngel

In mid-June 1985, the brightest period of the 80s, one month before the fantastic Live Aid that marked a boundary between the first part of the 80s and the second, a very particular group released a very particular song.

We know them very well :). Eurythmics were already very famous. In fact, after the great success of 1983 with “Sweet dreams” and “Right by your side” and after the one time shot of “Sexcrime (1984)”, at the end of April they were back with a new album that immediately went in the top ten, “Be yourself tonight”.

But a couple of months later the Eurythmics really overcame themselves. Literally, because “There must be an angel (Playing with my heart)” became the only (incredible) Eurythmics song to reach number one in the UK. And the result is even more important if we think that in 1985 you had to fight against people like Wham!, Queen, Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet, U2.

What’s even more strange is that this song, artistically very beautiful, is completely out of the rules for Eurythmics, who had accustomed us to strong electronic atmospheres, to a technological iconography, modernist and androgynous, to songs with an unusual energy.

And suddenly we find ourselves projected into a triumph of angelic gurgles, guided by the fantastic voice of Annie Lennox who with passion and romance tells us about her condition as a happy lover. Really amazing, especially if we think that after the troubled relationship with Dave Stewart (which certainly lasted from a professional point of view, but even professionally they often had diverging opinions), Annie had married the previous year to an Indian musician and had divorced within a year (and she spoke about him in “Would I lie to you”, the first single of the new album). In short, her life was probably not exactly the ideal context for a love dream made of Cupid arrows, complete with harmonica riff played by the great Stevie Wonder!

The video is equally incredible but very beautiful and very ironic, with a bored Dave Stewart dressed as a French king who receives at his court the girl who will entertain him up with her songs and voice. And what about Annie Lennox with long blonde hair and fluttery dresses? But do you remember Annie dressed in men’s clothes and red short hair singing “Sweet dreams” with the cow walking around the table?

Annie Lennox, Dave Stewart and Eurythmics on Wikipedia

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