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On the side of love

Thompson Twins – Love on your side

January 1983 was really important for the history and career of Thompson Twins. They had borrowed their name from the funny detectives of the novel “Tin Tin”, Thomson and Thompson. At those times the Thompson Twins were living in the suburbs of London, and they had survived years living on expedients, with very low or no income at all, when they finally found international fame and success with their third album, definitely sustained by this hit.

The lyrics talk about the relationship between a woman without too many rules, who always finds a way out because she has love on her side, and a regular quite man, who of course get lost in the relationship and loses every reference point.

Actually the story should have been opposite, becauthe the writer of the story was a woman, Alannah Currie, the blonde curly girl from New Zealand, and maybe she was the one lost in such a relationship. But of course the lead singer was a man, Tom Bailey, so they had to turn the song the other way.

No problem: it was and still is a fantastic hit and it launched Thompson Twins in the universe of 80s music, where they stayed for many years with a lot of other fantastic songs.

Ok, it was probably true that the two of them had different ways to live a relationship, because after some years, in 1991, Alannah and Tom got married, but they also got divorced after about a decade.

You'd rather fool around than be alone with me
Well, that's alright for you
'cause you got love, love, love on your side
'cause you got love, love, love on your side
#ThompsonTwins #LoveOnYourSide

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