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Insecurity and feelings

Howard Jones – No One Is To Blame

On March 15, 1986, the great Howard Jones released one of his finest songs, and also one of the most beautiful songs of the 80s overall. Actually, “No one is to blame” had been around for an exact year, that is, since the release of the album “Dream into action”, an absolute masterpiece of the 80s. Over the previous year, other great singles were released from that album, like “Things can only get better”, “Look mama”, and “Life in one day”. The album version is quite simple, essential, but already extremely evocative.The album version is quite simple, essential, but already extremely evocative.

The song explains how it feels, in general, when there is attraction, even mutual, between two people who cannot have a relationship. The first sentence inspired Howard; it seems that during a tour in San Francisco, a collaborator asked Jones if he liked the girls of that town. And after Howard’s answer, the other says… you can read the menu, but you don’t have to eat! And this inspired the song, which actually is much deeper and also reaches many other aspects of life.

And then there are times when we’ve been the best, but the prize goes somewhere else, or, morally, when we feel guilty about things that maybe we haven’t even done. And this leads to insecurity, and brings our ambitions down to earth.

The lyrics of this song are really a masterpiece, but so are video and music as well. In fact, Howard Jones did not use the original version for the video, as we said, but rearranged a new version along with Phil Collins, whose peculiar drum sound is evident. The arrangement became richer, and the version we hear in this video was born.

Fans generally prefer original versions, and this also applies to this song. Howard Jones revealed that he prefers the Phil Collins’ version, because he always had the feeling that this song could give something more than the original version, although usually in concerts he performs the album version.

In any case, “No one is to blame” is a song that to all the young people of the 80s definitely evokes feelings and situations that they will never forget. Personally, it takes me back to the time I spent with a girl who, perhaps, could have been a special one, but as the song says, in the end no one is to blame, maybe some things just don’t have to happen.

Doctor says you're cured but you still feel the pain
Aspirations in the clouds but your hopes go down the drain
And you want her, and she wants you
We want everyone
#HowardJones #NoOneIsToBlame

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