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Yazoo – Nobody’s Diary

For the times we've had I don't want to be - a page in your diary babe,
For the good, the bad I don't want to see - a page in your diary babe,
For the happy, the sad - I don't want to be another page in your diary.
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History is made up of dates. Those dates on any given day in the 80s, when two or three songs were coming out to make history. We write dates in diaries, to stop the time of an emotion, an unexpected joy, a love or affection gesture, sometimes even for disappointment.

Diaries were once really the object of memory. Today it seems that we no longer use them, but they have only changed shape, if it is true that every now and then social media tell us… look what you posted three years ago!

On May 6, 1983, pages of history of the 80s were written in the United Kingdom. Mike Oldfield and the Scottish Maggie Reilly released the immortal “Moonlight Shadow“, but another gem came out in another dot on the English map, Basildon.

In Basildon there was an incredible concentration of musical talent. Vincent Clarke was born there, and there he founded a band with some friends, under the name Depeche Mode. Soon after, however, Vincent Clarke left, and founded another group with a girl of English and French parents, always in Basildon.

He met her through an announcement, her name was Geneviéve Alison Jane Moyet. Together, they were Yazoo, and on that day they launched “Nobody’s diary”, the first single of their second (and unfortunately last) album. Soon Alison would start a solo career, and Vincent would head for his next adventure, Erasure.

A person I knew once said that you understand if one can skate, just looking at how he puts his first foot on the ice. And with music it’s the same thing. I couldn’t make you understand why Yazoo were great, why Vincent Clarke and Alison Moyet are immense talents.

But you can do one thing: listen to the first twenty seconds of this song. Vincent Clarke plays four notes, and already we are in full Depeche Mode atmosphere, the hand is exactly the same as “Dreaming of me” or “Just can’t get enough”. Then, Alison arrives and starts singing the first verse. And silence falls. Her voice is so powerful and deep that it captures all the attention from the very first words. It’s already a great song from the very first notes.

Lyrics are also extremely powerful, with the idea of a woman who is about to be left, and does not accept to become just one more page in the diary of the man she still loves.

Even on this page, however, the Yazoo wrote the story of the 80s.

Yazoo, Alison Moyet, Vincent Clarke on Wikipedia

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