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Depeche Mode – Personal Jesus

Between August and September 1989, almost two years after “Behind the wheel“, Depeche Mode released “Personal Jesus”, and this real milestone hit began its long journey. They recorded the song in Milan and filmed the videoclip in Spain, and this hit topped the charts for months and months. It actually became one of Depeche Mode’s absolute masterpieces.

The video is wonderful, in my opinion, and featured some seconds of controversial scenes. Therefore the director decided to apply some slight cuts. “Personal Jesus” is also one of the most covered songs overall!

This is a detail that witnesses the absolute gorgeousness of Martin Gore and Dave Gahan’s group. They had discovered worldwide success in the early 80s with hits like “Just can’t get enough” in 1981 or “Somebody” in 1984. Few other group would have been able after 5 more years to go further beyond their own limits. And also modernizing their sounds, which were now less dark and more pop blues. That’s why “Personal Jesus” is absolutely a proof of talent. And this talent opened to Depeche Mode the doors not only of the 90s, but also of an everlasting success that continues today!

Final notice: do you know who was the Personal Jesus? Depeche Mode found inspiration in a book written by Elvis Presley’s wife, Priscilla, who also acted with Leslie Nielsen in the movies “The naked gun”. The book was about their relationship (with Elvis, not with Sergeant Frank Drebin), and she explained in the book how Elvis became for her a source of listening, confidence, and reliability.

Reach out touch faith
Your own personal Jesus
Someone to hear your prayers
Someone who cares
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