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Johnny Hates Jazz – Turn back the clock

Lying here in silence picture in my hand
Of a boy I still resemble but I no longer understand
And as the tears run freely, how I realise
They were the best years of my life
#JohnnyHatesJazz #TurnBackTheClock

Generally, at the end of the year, we think about the future, we are full of good intentions and hopes for a New Year, we listen to the horoscopes and we hope for the best. There comes a time in life when we review our whole own existence, and in a similar way we remember choices, emotions, mistakes and great ideas, everything that made us the ones we are today. And the more years go by, the more obviously we indulge in feelings for our old days and youth.

Usually, however, it is quite rare to have these feelings when we are twenty-five, thirty years old, in the middle of youth, when we feel like being able to break the world. In fact, Johnny Hates Jazz had to feel more or less like this, in November 1987. Starting in March, they had known the real success, first with “Shattered dreams” and then, in Summer, with “I don’t want to be a hero“.

Now they were looking for definitive confirmation before the release of their first album, which would be also called “Turn back the clock”.

The video is particular, with singer Clark Datchler pausing to evoke his childhood, the happiness and carefreeness of the playing boys, remembering and reliving some unforgettable moments of his childhood and adolescence.

And in fact Clark seems to really be able to move the hands of the clock back, because not only at the end of the video he is joined by the friends he evoked, now grown up, but we can see next to them the little boys with their bicycles, as in a new time dimension where the past touches and overlaps with the present.

If you hear a familiar voice in the chorus of the song, you have a good ear. The voice belongs to Kim Wilde, who after the success of “You keep me hangin’ on” was briefly engaged with the drummer of Johnny Hates Jazz.

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