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Unbearable jealousy

Matt Bianco – More Than I Can Bear

I think of him
Making, making love to you
It's more than I can
Oh, it was more than I can bear
#MattBianco #MoreThanICanBear

Among the great artists who made the season between 1984 and 1985 unforgettable, some absolutely refined artists had a very particular place for their originality and their fine music, pop sounds that willingly entered the territory of jazz and swing. If among the female artists the protagonist of this refined pop was undoubtedly Sade, there was another great musician who had found an unstoppable success: Matt Bianco, or in his real name, Mark Reilly.

Matt Bianco at that time was a trio formed, in addition to Reilly, by the extremely talented Basia, the woman with the impossible surname, and by keyboardist Danny White. Their success had exploded in April 1984 with the song Sneaking out the back door, and the related video. In July, they released the beautiful Whose side are you on, with another unforgettable video, and few weeks later they released the album with the same title. After Half a Minute, released in November, we arrive in early March 1985, when Matt Bianco release this refined song, More than I can bear. It was the fifth single from the album, considering that Get out of your lazy bed was also released as an all-time debut.

The song is about a classic pop theme, jealousy. The protagonist, who thinks he has overcome a now-closed story, accidentally meets his old flame with his new partner. And from that moment, the thought of this stranger in intimacy with the girl he loved makes its way into his soul, until he loses sleep. And in the end the protagonist admits that he still loves her.

It is a beautiful song that opens with the precious solo of Basia, a truly unique voice that perfectly matched the music and atmosphere created by Matt.

The video brings us back, stylistically, to the atmosphere of the 40s, shot in colors but turned on the shades of sepia, with a Basia who reminds of a beautiful charleston dancer, who recalls the moments of love that she had lived lived with a very elegant Matt Bianco, who now shows up resigned, neglected, and devastated by jealousy.

And maybe there was a little bit of sadness in the group, because this is going to be the last song where we’re going to see this Matt Bianco lineup. The very good and beautiful Basia and the keyboardist Danny will leave the group shortly there, and from the next album in fact the formation will often and willingly change around the founder, the great Mark Reilly.

Matt Bianco and Basia on Wikipedia

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