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The day of the Guru!

Terence Trent D’Arby – If you let me stay

“If you let me stay” really marked an important day in the story of the 80s. I mean, a March 15 is always an important date, from the death of Julius Caesar onwards. It’s also the birthday of a symbol of the 80s, at least of the final part. We talk about a versatile artist who in few months left an unerasable mark. He had a peculiar life path, changed his identity, which is not so uncommon among geniuses, and he definitely was and still is a genius.

Mid March 1987, just around his birthday, his first single went straight on top of the charts. It had to be followed soon by other great hits and in July by an album that I really loved. It still represents one of my dearest musical memories, and I still listen to it. Actually people said everything possible about him; including a nice story where, asked by the customs officer if he had anything to declare, he answered “Yes: I’m a genius”. And if this story is true, I think he was right. Happy birthday, Sananda Francesco Maitreya in 2017, or Terence Trent D’Arby in 1987!

How can I compensate
For my indiscretions, dear
Tell me it's not too late
That I'd love to hear
#TTD #TerenceTrentDArby #IfYouLetMeStay

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