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Matt Bianco – Whose Side Are You On

You don't have to believe
To play that double cross
Spying for the side
That pays them the most
Whose side are you on
#MattBianco #WhoseSideAreYouOn

In July 1984, the song that gave the name to Matt Bianco’s first album, “Whose Side Are You On”, was released. Matt Bianco, though on their first album, were perhaps in their most famous line-up. Born as a group of four, at the time of recording the album three members were in, and had changed their name. The use of a first and last name suggested that Matt Bianco was the singer, that is, the extravagant Mark Reilly. Actually, as he later explained, Matt Bianco was an invented character, a bit of a spy and a bit of a secret agent. Along with Reilly, in the group were keyboardist Danny White and especially the Polish singer Basia, with an unpronounceable surname, unique and unreachable voice, charm and style to sell, a sort of exceptionally fascinating woman of the past.

The song “Whose side are you on?” followed “Get out of your lazy bed” and the famous “Sneaking out the back door“, came out about a month before the album, and introduced the theme of spy stories, which leads the entire video. In fact, all in the video made history: Basia’s voice, the song, even the video in which a series of secret agents and spies disguised as aristocrats invited to a party, talk to each other and murder each other using weapons and communication tools hidden in the strangest objects, such as smoking pipes or shoes, but after all, we are in the 80s! It’s funny to think that today any small object could easily contain a camera, a microphone, a processor, and an antenna to broadcast in real time anywhere in the world!!

After their first album, Matt Bianco went through another transformation, as Basia and Danny, in addition to developing a relationship, decided to fous on her solo career. But Mark Reilly didn’t lose his heart and replaced them, and Matt Bianco continued a career that was certainly long and successful, but continuously changing with different formations, styles and sounds, which had in common only the creativity, presence and voice of Mark Reilly.

Matt Bianco still play, but they got back closer to the world of jazz from which they came (and throughout their career jazz influences have always been very evident, as in this song). Today we can still see them playing live, in the current line-up, in the most important live jazz venues around the world.

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