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Matt Bianco – Sneaking out the back door

Love I've had before, it nailed me to the floor,
I prefer my own company.
Love to me is being free with no responsibility,
So you may find me sneaking out the back door with a grin.
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In the first half of April 1984, in addition to Spring, the career of a huge group of the 80s was also blossoming: Matt Bianco, with their frontman Mark Reilly. A very particular artist: born in England, with a taste for the sophisticated atmospheres of jazz, a passion for long song titles, and certainly an innate talent to bring jazz and pop closer together creating a music that after many years still identifies him perfectly.

Mark had formed the band a few years earlier with keyboardist Danny White and bass player Kito Poncioni. When the time came to record the songs for their first album, after officially adopting the name Matt Bianco as a group (a name inspired by a fictional character suitable for spy stories), they decided to find a female voice singing in choruses with Mark. In those days the bass player left the band, but fate brought another fundamental member to the group. In fact, as the female voice of the group they chose the Polish vocalist Basia, pronounced “Basha” which is a short for Barbara. Equipped with an unpronounceable surname, Basia, extremely talented and beautiful, with a very sophisticated charm, became absolutely one of the hallmarks of the group.

The album will be titled after another signature song of the group, Whose side are you on.

Two months earlier, in February, Matt Bianco released their first single, Get out of your lazy bed, which was a good success in England, and above all opened the door to this song, which was a devastating success.

Sneaking out the back door is a simple story; lyrics speak of a man who cannot remain bound to a traditional love story, but needs to be free and without responsibilities. For this reason, at the right time, he will be able to sneak out the back door, with a grin.

Musically, for us teenagers of the 80s, Sneaking out the back door was a revelation. The intro sung by Basia with her historical “shooba-doo-doo-bah” very jazzy, and the refrain where Basia’s voice prompted in repeating the title of the song, were simply irresistible.

The video was also really nice: filmed in Rome, we find the three boys as little scammers who first drive a Fiat 500 and live playing with rigged cards, then manage to get invited to the presentation of the jewelry collection of a well-known Roman house (if you stop the video on the detail of the invitation everything is very clear). Basia looks wonderful in her evening dress, Mark and Danny show up with Matt Bianco’s initials on their jacket pockets. In short, the three manage to steal the most precious necklace from the safe and they can finally sneak out. And in the end Basia wears the beautiful necklace.

Looking at the charts we would say that in native England Sneaking out the back door was less successful than Get out of your lazy bed, but it is a fact that in the rest of Europe and America this song made Matt Bianco a truly internationally renowned group.

Matt Bianco and Basia on Wikipedia

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