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Eighth Wonder – Stay With Me

I won't be here forever
You know it's now or never
Stay with me
I'm asking on a bended knee
I can't cry for your loving anymore
#EighthWonder #StayWithMe

The music of the 80s saw a number of female singers who were successful at a very young age, let’s say before the age of twenty. Apart from the babies Nikka Costa and Vanessa Paradis, there was a group of young girls between the ages of sixteen and eighteen who, certainly playing on the theme of seduction and on the edge of scandal, gave an extra boost to their careers, helping a talent that, however, was certainly well present and clear.

Perhaps the first was Lio, who already in 1980 attracted the attention of all of Europe with her signature song Amoureux Solitaires, barely eighteen years old. And the last perhaps was Mandy Smith, who entered the iconography of the 80s in 1987 with I just can’t wait, but had a relationship with Bill Wyman, bassist of the Rolling Stones, since the age of thirteen (he was just a little bit older, he was forty-seven: amazing how he didn’t end up on trial). Among other things, Mandy’s mother had an affair with Wyman’s son at the same time: there was more than enough to call social officers, but this did not happen.

The teenager, however, who represented in a more memorable but also cleaner way this teenage success, was probably Patsy Kensit, who in October 1985 climbed the world charts together with Eighth Wonder at only seventeen, thanks to the success of the song and video Stay With Me.

Patsy’s musical career began in 1983 when her brother Jamie (whom we see in her video dressed in white) made her join the group he was playing in, called Spice. In a short time Spice changed part of the lineup and evolved into Eighth Wonder.

Actually for Patsy this was a kind of second job, because from the tender age of five Patsy appeared as a child actress in supporting roles in movies and television, and was therefore a face not unknown to the English public. In fact in 1984, even before becoming famous as a singer, she had been selected for the role of Crepe Suzette in the famous film Absolute Beginners with David Bowie, a film that went in history more for the cast, the soundtrack and the publicity it had, rather than for the storyline or the acting.

And so in 1985 the beautiful and talented Patsy was also busy in finishing the shooting of the film, when the single that will bring her and Eighth Wonder for the first time in the charts comes out, , Stay With Me. The song is certainly cute and catchy, but Patsy’s presence and charm had a devastating effect on the success of the video. To tell the truth, more than in England the video was a resounding success especially in two countries, Italy and Japan. In the video we see Patsy rushing into a recording studio where Eighth Wonder are waiting for her to start the song, and are starting to play. She arrives out of breath, changes her clothes in the blink of an eye and arrives at the exact moment of the first verse of the song. The video alternates scenes of the group singing, with scenes of Patsy on a motorcycle, on a bed or in other settings, including an iconic image of her in a foam-filled bathtub.

In every scene, however, Patsy is a real hurricane of energy that hits everyone around her, and I would say even the audience. An energy that she will show not only in the other great hits of Eighth Wonder (like the milestone hit I’m not Scared written by Pet Shop Boys, or Will You Remember), but also in all the tv roles that will come in his long career that still continues. today.

Patsy, however, must have been fascinated by the world of music, if it is true that she has married four times, always with musicians. First with the keyboardist of Big Audio Dynamite, the group who sang E = mc2, then with the great Jim Kerr leader of Simple Minds, and then (we are now in the late 90s) with Liam Gallagher of Oasis, and finally with an English DJ . Net of her personal events, Patsy Kensit’s energy and her talent have made her an absolute icon of the second half of the 1980s.

Eighth Wonder and Patsy Kensit on Wikipedia

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